Advertising And Marketing

Groday is a leading digital agency that provides services such as Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, among others. For many years we have provided not only providing web designing and development services but have also helped our clients’ business grow by providing outstanding digital advertising and marketing services. Our pool of in-house online marketing professionals offer a range of options to grow your business including Pay Per Click advertising services, Social Media Marketing services and Email Marketing services and focus on increasing your conversion rates not just traffic.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) is a one of the most popular advertising model wherein an advertiser pays to the advertiser for the clicks made on the ads. Our PPC advertising solutions, help our clients to get the most of their advertising budget as we carry out your advertisement based on solid strategies are developed through market research and a comprehensive mapping of your business niche and branding positioning.

Our pay per click advertising services starts with mapping the keywords for the campaign, your competitors’ strength and by finalizing the objectives of the ad campaign. As said earlier, we don’t spend your ad budget on testing, instead our PPC experts prepare effective ad copies, research high value keywords and narrow down on the interest and target groups before launching the ads. This process ensures our clients maximum return on investment of their ad spend.

  • Social Media Advertisement: Be it on social media giants like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or be it Google Adwords or Affiliate channel advertising, we offer best RoI to our clients while advertising on these channels. While post of the PPC agencies are just your AdWords or AdCenter managers that do things that you could also easily perform, Groday online advertising services specializes in understanding your business goals and in achieving those goals by optimum usages of the opportunity provided by those platforms.
  • Contextual Advertisements: Our contextual advertisement and email copies deliver the best-in-class results to our clients. As a boutique digital advertising agency in India, we have in-house landing page design experts and ad copy writers, whose combined expertise and efforts, guarantee our clients higher goal conversions and subsequent higher return on their investment (RoI). We believe that advertising is done for increasing goals conversions, not traffic.

If you are looking for such an agency, who believe in delivering results and maximum returns on your advertising investment, go on contact us right away and we will let you know how much you can save by advertising with a leading online advertising agency like the Groday!