Domain And Hosting

Groday is one of the best domain registration service provider in India. We have been providing world-class domain registration services for our clients across the world. It is one of the wide spectrum of domain services that we provide and that helps many small, medium and large scale businesses grow their business.

  • Entire domain services: As part of our complete digital agency services, Groday provides a range of domain related services which include domain name registration, website hosting, email hosting, VPS hosting and much more according to the needs our clients. Our domain registration services come with a range of exclusive offers for our clients.

Our domain registration and domain renewable services come with no hidden costs and are offered at affordable prices - actually we register domain at the best price available in the market. We understand getting a domain is the first and the most crucial part of launching a online business and therefore Groday team provides all the assistance possible to our clients for selecting and buying a domain - a domain that reflects their business ideals and values.

  • Domain Booking Services: We register the .com and a rang of domains TLDs and CCTLDs  including: .biz, .in, .org, .me, .info, .net, .global and the ever popular .com. While we offer all widely preferred choices, we also let you choose your custom TLD in the New gTLDs section. Services we provide are:

Another of the imperative services that Groday provides to businesses for operating an online business successfully is domain hosting. Our expertise in website management and world-class server management infrastructure has positioned us as the leader in web hosting in India.

  • Web Hosting Services: We offer a wide range of web hosting services along with administrative 24 hours services for our clients. Our servers are located all around the world and ready to provide services to your national and international clients, the way you want.
  • Local Servers: With the increase in importance of local servers for ranking higher in local business searches, we have been providing our clients servers in their areas of interests- be it in India or worldwide. Our domain hosting services in India includes a variety of server needs including support for various programming languages, such as PHP v5, Python, CGI among others.

Groday's working with world clients with varied needs has positioned Groday in such a position that we now offer services for literally all types of businesses and business types. Along with hosting, our web hosting service provides services such as data protection and recovery, hosting security and server monitoring, among others.

If your requirements are specific, lets us know. We are confident we can find a solution to your needs, as we have done for others so far.

Basic Plan

  • Space - 5000 MB
  • Bandwidth - 5 GB
  • POP3 Accounts - 10
  • MySQL Databases - 1
  • Sub Domains - 1
  • Addon Domain -0
  • FTP Accounts - 2
  • cPanel
  • phpMyAdmin

Standard Plan

  • Space - 15 GB
  • Bandwidth - 1000 GB
  • POP3 Accounts - 50
  • MySQL Databases - 5
  • Sub Domains - 100
  • Addon Domain -10
  • FTP Accounts -10
  • cPanel
  • phpMyAdmin

Professional Plan

  • Space - Unlimited
  • Bandwidth - Unlimited
  • POP3 Accounts - Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases - Unlimited
  • Sub Domains - Unlimited
  • Addon Domain -Unlimited
  • FTP Accounts -Unlimited
  • cPanel
  • phpMyAdmin